Hey everyone! Thanks for purchasing this year’s Craft Beer Advent Calendar. We’re really excited about this year’s calendar!

Check back here every day and we’ll post some info about that day’s beer! Of course, we won’t spoil any surprises. We’ll wait until 8am each day to post that day’s beer. Just in case you get any ideas about peeking early. 😉

Hey, by the way: if you give this as a present to a known gift shaker, we can’t be responsible for the results. Fair warning!

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Winter Lager

Advent Day: 16 Brewery: Brooklyn Brewery Style: Schwarzbier ABV: 5.6% Description: Clocking in at 5.6% ABV and brewed with the inspiration of a Schwarzbier, Brooklyn’s Winter lager boasts notes of dark bread, roasted barley, and chocolate to pay homage to the cold winter and the
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Blueberry Panckes

Advent Day: 15 Brewery: Buskey Style: Cider ABV: 6.5% Description: Normally the only references we get to breakfast beers involve notes of coffee and afternoon naps, but Buskey’s got something to change all that.  Blending flavors of blueberry, sharp apple, and smooth maple to
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Christmas Ale

Advent Day: 14 Brewery: Great Lakes Style: Winter Warmer ABV: 7.5% Description: “Do not open ‘til Christmas?  Whoever coined that phrase obviously hasn’t tasted Christmas Ale’s fresh honey, cinnamon, and ginger flavors.” When that’s the description on their
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Brother Barnabas

Advent Day: 13 Brewery: Three Notch’d Style: Belgian Tripel ABV: 9.1% Description: Virginia is in the particularly advantageous position of having 1 of only 6 Belgian Monasteries, and “Brother Barnabas” is one of the oldest living monks there.  This lightly colored, highly
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Advent Day: 12 Brewery: Basic City Style: Imperial New England IPA ABV: 8% Description: Betcha all you IPA lovers out there were wondering if we were actually going to omit a tall-boy of some Basic City hazy goodness, and we had to make you sweat a bit!  Brewed as part of the Big
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White Cranberry Cider

Advent Day: 11 Brewery: Bold Rock Style: Cider ABV: 4.7% Description: Just when you were concerned that the Thanksgiving leftovers were all gone, Bold Rock went and concocted a recipe that gives the perfect hint of everyone’s favorite holiday side dish!  Harvesting white
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Advent Day: 10 Brewery: Devils Backbone Style: Baltic Porter ABV: 8% Description: Named after a Baltic sea town to honor the style in which this porter is brewed, this full-bodied and super balanced blend of strong English porter and Germanic black lager brings it home with
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Lights Out

Advent Day: 9 Brewery: Blue Mountain Style: English Old Ale ABV: 7% Description: Your second Old Ale in a row! We thought it would be fun to do a little advent vertical and try similar styles back to back. A staple in the arena of local, seasonal offerings, Lights Out emphasizes
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Old Man Winter

Advent Day: 8 Brewery: Southern Tier Style: English Old Ale ABV: 7.5% Description: We’ve loved Southern Tier for a long time, and Southern Tier loves the folks who drink their beer.  This is made obvious by the ridiculous lengths they go to in providing beers for any
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JP Ale

Advent Day: 7 Brewery: South Street Style: English Pale Ale ABV: 5% Description: Celebrating its 21st birthday as Charlottesville’s oldest brewery, South Street decided to bring in a throwback for those that have been enjoying their libations for a long time!  Using Cascade
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Advent Day: 6 Brewery: Breckenridge Style: Amber Ale ABV: 4.4% Description: When you know that some of the holiday seasonals you’ll have ramp up the malt bill and ABV to impressive but daunting levels, it’s nice to have some balance in a cold weather beer.  Blending pale,
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Monty Python’s Holy Grail Ale

Advent Day: 5 Brewery: Black Sheep Style: English Pale Ale ABV: 4% Description: Originally brewed as a 30th anniversary commemoration collaboration between Black Sheep Brewery and the Monty Python team and “tempered over burning witches”, this beloved beer has seen a recent
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Sweet Potato & Sage Saison

Advent Day: 4 Brewery: Ardent Style: Belgian Saison ABV: 6.4% Description: Saisons have long been a staple in the farmhouse-style beer arena, and this one brings home all the things that make you think of the colder months!  Earthy notes lent from the sweet potatoes and a
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Brown Shugga

Advent Day: 3 Brewery: Lagunitas Style: American Strong Ale ABV: 10.0% Description: It’s still early into the CBAC, and we figured it’s already time to warm things up a bit! Originally a failed attempt in ’97 to make Olde GnarlyWine Ale, this is the happiest of mistakes,
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Hop Cocoa

Advent Day: 2 Brewery: Wicked Weed Style: American Porter ABV: 6.5% Description: Been looking for a beer that references another seasonably favorite drink that isn’t alcoholic (unless you make it so)?  Well, look no further!  Wicked Weed’s Hop Cocoa is a smooth porter
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Winter Cheers

Advent Day: 1 Brewery: Victory Style: German Hefeweizen ABV: 6.7% Description: Starting with a Hefeweizen style, packing that beer with wheat and oats, and using Bavarian wheat ale yeast combined with Citra hops for a strikingly familiar holiday-spiced profile, this classic take
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CBAC 2019

Hey everyone! Thanks for purchasing this year’s Craft Beer Advent Calendar. We’re really excited about this year’s calendar! Check back here every day and we’ll post some info about that day’s beer! Of course, we won’t spoil any surprises.
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