Hey everyone! Thanks for purchasing this year’s Craft Beer Advent Calendar. We’re really excited about this year’s calendar!

Check back here every day and we’ll post some info about that day’s beer! Of course, we won’t spoil any surprises. We’ll wait until 8am each day to post that day’s beer. Just in case you get any ideas about peeking early. 😉

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Advent Day: 24 Brewery: Southern Tier Style: Herb and Spice Beer ABV: 8.5% Description: Taking its inspiration from a Nordic “Glögg” party, something fairly commonly practiced in Western NY, this ale blends traditional brewing ingredients with figs, orange peels, cinnamon,
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Advent Day: 23 Brewery: New Belgium/Knob Creek Style: American Strong Ale ABV: 9.0% Description: Collaborations between breweries and distilleries are starting to become more common, but few have produced as epic a flavor profile as Oakspire.  Using bourbon-steeped oak spirals
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Cherry Stout

Advent Day: 22 Brewery: Bell’s Style: American Stout ABV: 7.0% Description: A truly remarkable stout offering to fruit and malt lovers alike, Bell’s Cherry Stout has noteworthy tartness from the addition of Montmorency cherries grown in the Traverse City region.  Instead of
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Advent Day: 21 Brewery: Port City Style: Belgian Strong Pale Ale ABV: 7.80% Description: Few breweries approach a winter seasonal with the intent to transport the drinker back to warmer months, but Port City has done just that.  Brewed with Maryland wildflower honey and
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Advent Day: 20 Brewery: Reason Beer Style: American IPA ABV: 5.5% Description: Brewed to celebrate a great year of beer and community by one of our newer and beloved additions to the Charlottesville beer scene, this double dry-hopped IPA has a perfect malt balance and an
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Dark Hollow

Advent Day: 19 Brewery: Blue Mountain Style: Imperial Stout ABV: 10.0% Description: Taking a nosedive back into the aforementioned “malty goodness”, we’re sooooo excited that Dark Hollow has finally made it to 12oz bottles after years of waiting, polite requests, petitions, and
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Holy Moses

Advent Day: 18 Brewery: Great Lakes Style: Belgian Witbier ABV: 5.4% Description: If that last one was a little light for you, fear not! We’re making an exodus back towards the malty goodness that so dominates the season. Here, Great Lakes lets your taste buds go with a
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Pils Are Alive

Advent Day: 17 Brewery: Champion Style: German Pilsner ABV: 4.5% Description: Figuring out a way to bridge the gaps between two wildly revered styles of beer has always been an undertaking of ambitious breweries, and Champion has found one of our favorite refreshing hybrids. 
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Mad Elf

Advent Day: 16 Brewery: Tröegs Style: Belgian Strong Dark Ale ABV: 11.0% Description: We find it necessary to clarify that that the “Mad” Elf persona that Tröegs brews this beer under the influence of is not angry as much as just flat-out crazy.  This Belgian Strong Dark Ale is
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Sticky Toffee Pudding Ale

Advent Day: 15 Brewery: Wells Style: English Brown Ale ABV: 5.0% Description: For this year’s dessert beer of choice, we decided to go with the folks who seem to know dessert beers best.  Using a traditional British dessert as inspiration, and pairing it with a dark malted Brown
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Big Slice

Advent Day: 14 Brewery: Three Notch’d Style: American IPA ABV: 7.8% Description: Billing itself as a juicy IPA, and intended to take you back to the warmer months we recently left behind, this (actually) juice-less New England-style IPA boasts an unabashed hoppiness and
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Hop Gothic

Advent Day: 13 Brewery: South Street Style: Imperial IPA ABV: 8.52% Description: Another local favorite of ours, Hop Gothic is a seasonal Double IPA with a gargantuan infusion of American hops balanced by the addition of wheat.  With an amazing aroma, slight sweetness, and (we’re
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Sweet Baby Jesus

Advent Day: 12 Brewery: DuClaw Style: American Porter ABV: 6.2% Description: When we first heard there was a chocolate-peanut butter porter in production, the famous subject of Ricky Bobby’s dinner table prayer was probably the first exclamation in our heads.  With a surprisingly
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Old Jubilation

Advent Day: 11 Brewery: Avery Style: English Old Ale ABV: 8.3% Description: Bringing back the malt in a big way, Avery’s Old Jubilation Ale is a well-known winter strong ale boasting a gorgeous blend of five specialty malts, a warming 8.3%ABV, a splendid mahogany color.  With
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Shark Tears

Advent Day: 10 Brewery: Pleasure House Style: Leipzig Gose ABV: 4.8% Description: Close to midway through December and this calendar, we’d say it’s almost…bittersweet.  All terrible introductions aside, this kettle-soured Gose is brewed tart from the beginning, then the use of
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The Lady in Red

Advent Day: 9 Brewery: Basic City Style: American IPA ABV: 7.0% Description: Adjusting the color scheme and flavor profile for winter months, The Lady in Red is an appropriate transition for Basic City’s The Lady.  A hazy, juicy Red IPA hopped with El Dorado & Mosaic, then
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Chai Solstice

Advent Day: 8 Brewery: Anderson Valley Style: Spiced Beer ABV: 6.9% Description: If there’s one thing we’re known for as Anderson Valley drinkers and purveyors, it’s that we’ve always been fans of the Solstice series.  This new, spiced addition to the collection is impressive in
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Snow & Tell

Advent Day: 7 Brewery: Boulevard Style: Scotch Ale ABV: 6.3% Description: Following our theme of “beers with ‘snow’ in the name”, this delicious Scotch Ale is comprised of Magnum, Chinook, and Styrian Goldings hops that perfectly balance with prominent notes of toffee and caramel
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Snow Blind

Advent Day: 6 Brewery: Starr Hill Style: Dopplebock ABV: 7.7% Description: Our friends out at Starr Hill needed something to keep them cozy during the winter months, and (correctly) guessed that a German-style Doppelbock might do the trick.  Boasting noteworthy caramel aromas in
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Advent Day: 5 Brewery: Two Roads Brewing Style: English Oatmeal Stout ABV: 6.0% Description: You didn’t think we’d let you get too far without a little coffee, did you?  Featuring an Ethiopian/Sumatra blend mixed with oatmeal stout under pressure (the espresso way), then a
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Christmas Ale

Advent Day: 4 Brewery: Breckenridge Style: Winter Warmer ABV: 7.1% Description: Part of what warms the soul every holiday season isn’t the presents you’re buying, the fire you’re building, or those mittens you dug out of the  back of your sock drawer (whoops, those are just
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Rise and Pine

Advent Day: 3 Brewery: Uinta Style: American Black Ale ABV: 7.5% Description: The winter season brings out an impressive array of adjuncts in the brews we drink, and this little delight is no exception.  Utilizing juniper and piney hops to go hand-in hand with the smooth malty
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Thousand Smiles

Advent Day: 2 Brewery: Foothills Style: American Blonde Ale ABV: 4.4% Description: We know we can’t go malty or hoppy on you every day of the year, and figured a light balance *might* bring you a warm December day.  If we’re wrong, Jim Cantore can have his job back, but if we’re
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Hibernation Ale

Advent Day: 1 Brewery: Great Divide Style: Old Ale ABV: 8.7% Description: Though we don’t want you to take a long nap until you finish this case, we figured an Old Ale that’s been brewed since ’95 (old enough to drink itself) was the perfect way to start.  With a warming, malty
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