JP Ale

Advent Day: 7 Brewery: South Street Style: English Pale Ale ABV: 5% Description: Celebrating its 21st birthday as Charlottesville’s oldest brewery, South Street decided to bring in a throwback for those that have been enjoying their libations for a long time!  Using Cascade
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Advent Day: 6 Brewery: Breckenridge Style: Amber Ale ABV: 4.4% Description: When you know that some of the holiday seasonals you’ll have ramp up the malt bill and ABV to impressive but daunting levels, it’s nice to have some balance in a cold weather beer.  Blending pale,
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Monty Python’s Holy Grail Ale

Advent Day: 5 Brewery: Black Sheep Style: English Pale Ale ABV: 4% Description: Originally brewed as a 30th anniversary commemoration collaboration between Black Sheep Brewery and the Monty Python team and “tempered over burning witches”, this beloved beer has seen a recent
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