Top of the Hops Winners

Well, it’s all over but the clean-up (we, for one, left a few pretzel crumbs behind). Thanks for stopping by the booth, and if you missed us, hopefully we’ll catch you next time. We promise to bring more necklaces next year! Wanna see if you won something? Check out
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Top of the Hops

In case you haven’t heard, Charlottesville is getting a real-deal beer festival. It’s less than two weeks away now, and we’re getting really excited. Check out our page for some quick info about it, or click the picture to the left to go to the official site.
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No, not the American version… Not quite yet. (Although we are showing preseason games now, so if you want to follow your NFL team’s development from the infant stage, check a schedule and come on in.) This is the rest of the world’s football, and we’ve got
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