Hey everyone! Thanks for purchasing this year’s Craft Beer Advent Calendar. We’re really excited about this year’s calendar. And that doesn’t have anything to do with the fact that we didn’t end the loading day with all of our fingers stuck together (long story). We promise.

Check back here every day and we’ll post some info about that day’s beer! Of course, we won’t spoil any surprises. We’ll wait until 9am each day to post that day’s beer. Just in case you get any ideas about peeking early. 😉

Let us know what you think about the calendar. Enjoy!


Beer for Breakfast

Advent Day: 15 Brewery: Dogfish Head Style: American Stout ABV: 7.4% Description: What do Guatemalan coffee, maple syrup, and Rapa scrapple all have in common?  Dogfish Head brewed them into a roasty stout so that you’re guaranteed the quintessential beer for breakfast (we
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Tollan Rye

Advent Day: 14 Brewery: Three Notch’d Style: Rye IPA ABV: 5.2% Description: Tollan RyePA brings the stability and familiarity of the perfection of rye in a brew at a time where shopping is most hectic.  Sit back and relax, Three Notch’d has got you covered for the next 12
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Imperial Biscotti Break

Advent Day: 13 Brewery: Evil Twin Style: Imperial Stout ABV: 11.5% Description: Brewed in the same style as the Roman Empire operated; unapologetic, unashamed, and a bit vain, this imperial stout is amazing because it says so. So do we. More Info:
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Delirium Noel

Advent Day: 12 Brewery: Brouwerij Huyghe Style: Belgian Strong Dark Ale ABV: 10.0% Description: As you know, Santa has eight (or nine, depending on your source, but we’re not totally convinced that this one reindeer had a glow-in-the-dark nose. Seems a tad far fetched)
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Christmas Ale

Advent Day: 11 Brewery: Breckenridge Style: Winter Warmer ABV: 7.1% Description: When you brew in Colorado, you know a lil’ something about the cold, bitter winter.  If you’re Breckenridge, you whip up a sturdy winter warmer that clocks in at over 7% ABV and has rich notes of
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Yellow Snow

Advent Day: 10 Brewery: Rogue Style: American IPA ABV: 6.5% Description: Originally brewed for the 2002 World Olympics and now taking a gold medal in palate pleasing, this pale, hoppy, and slightly fruity tribute to snow sports is even better if you can spell your name with it.
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Black Chocolate Stout

Advent Day: 9 Brewery: Brooklyn Style: Russian Imperial Stout ABV: 10.0% Description: Think black velvet. Not like an Elvis painting, or dogs playing poker. More like a warm, soft, thick, enveloping blanket that surrounds you, soothes your soul, and defeats the dragons of the
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Snow Blind

Advent Day: 8 Brewery: Starr Hill Style: Dopplebock ABV: 7.7% Description: Here’s a fun fact. The Styx song “Snowblind” was released in 1981. It was also accused of having hidden Satanic phrases in it when played backwards. In fact, Arkansas passed laws
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Coffee Milk Stout

Advent Day: 7 Brewery: Stone Style: Milk Stout ABV: 5.0% Description: Stone is proud of the level of depth they can draw from the coffee bean, we’re proud that we like good beer.  With mild roast coffee flavor balanced out by milk sugar, this is one of those beers that’s either
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