Hey everyone! Thanks for purchasing this year’s Craft Beer Advent Calendar. We’re really excited about this year’s calendar. And that doesn’t have anything to do with the fact that we didn’t end the loading day with all of our fingers stuck together (long story). We promise.

Check back here every day and we’ll post some info about that day’s beer! Of course, we won’t spoil any surprises. We’ll wait until 9am each day to post that day’s beer. Just in case you get any ideas about peeking early. 😉

Let us know what you think about the calendar. Enjoy!


Scaldis Noel

Advent Day: 24 Brewery: Brasserie Dubuisson Frères sprl Style: Belgian Strong Dark Ale ABV: 12.0% Description: In Belgium it is custom to brew a warming, high intensity beer around the holidays, as a thank you and warm-up to loyal patrons.  Drink warm friends, we love you! More
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Winter White

Advent Day: 23 Brewery: Legend Style: Witbier ABV: 5.8% Description: Putting a twist on Witbiers by infusing the perfect amount of winter cheer, notes of cardamom, orange, and Belgian yeast make this the perfect light winter brew. More Info:
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Kilt Flasher

Advent Day: 22 Brewery: Devils Backbone Style: Scottish Ale ABV: 8.0% Description: You don’t have to shoot fireballs from your eyes and lightning bolts from your arse to understand and enjoy this beer, but it sure helps!  This delectable Wee Heavy has a beautiful amber hue and a
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Carolus Noel

Advent Day: 21 Brewery: Brouwerij Het Anker Style: Belgian Strong Dark Ale ABV: 10.5% Description: A heavy warming brown ale is the new favorite addition to Gouden Carolus’ holiday expansion and we’re lucky to get our hands on some.  This is not one for chugging contests… More
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Sweet Action

Advent Day: 20 Brewery: Sixpoint Style: Cream Ale ABV: 5.2% Description: You want to talk about drinkable? Don’t even try it until you’ve tasted this delicious brew from Sixpoint. Not a brewery that likes to go the traditional route, they make this cream ale a little hoppier than
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Mad Elf

Advent Day: 19 Brewery: Tröegs Style: American Strong Ale ABV: 11% Description: This beer has serious attitude.  If it were an elf in Santa’s workshop, it would show up drunk for work every day and kick the reindeer on the way out. Chocolate malts, Belgian yeast, Pennsylvania
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Pennsylvania Tuxedo

Advent Day: 18 Brewery: Dogfish Head Style: American Pale Ale ABV: 8.5% Description: Imagine, for a moment, you’re a penguin. You wake up from a mid-winter snooze, not to the blinding white wintry horizon of your native Antarctica, but to the cool, piney breeze and shifting
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Nitro Chocolate Orange Stout

Advent Day: 17 Brewery: Breckenridge Style: American Stout ABV: 7.4% Description: If you’re like us, those cool chocolate oranges are a fun gift on the holidays.  If you didn’t like that gift, and you’re reading this, at least it’s still delicious beer!  Brewed with orange zest
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Anchor Christmas

Advent Day: 16 Brewery: Anchor Brewing Style: Winter Warmer ABV: 6.5% Description: With 2016 marking the 42nd release of Anchor’s Christmas tradition, you can expect a perfectly mahogany brew with notes of spiced chocolate, nuts, fruitcake, and the perfect pinch of spice. More
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