Beer for Breakfast

Advent Day: 15 Brewery: Dogfish Head Style: American Stout ABV: 7.4% Description: What do Guatemalan coffee, maple syrup, and Rapa scrapple all have in common?  Dogfish Head brewed them into a roasty stout so that you’re guaranteed the quintessential beer for breakfast (we
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Tollan Rye

Advent Day: 14 Brewery: Three Notch’d Style: Rye IPA ABV: 5.2% Description: Tollan RyePA brings the stability and familiarity of the perfection of rye in a brew at a time where shopping is most hectic.  Sit back and relax, Three Notch’d has got you covered for the next 12
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Imperial Biscotti Break

Advent Day: 13 Brewery: Evil Twin Style: Imperial Stout ABV: 11.5% Description: Brewed in the same style as the Roman Empire operated; unapologetic, unashamed, and a bit vain, this imperial stout is amazing because it says so. So do we. More Info:
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