Winter Storm

Day: 4 Brewery: Heavy Seas Style: Imperial ESB ABV: 7.5% Description: Imperial Pilsners. Imperial IPAs. Imperial Stouts. Imperial Stormtroopers. Just when we thought we’d seen every style cranked up a notch to create an imperial version, in marches the Imperial ESB. When
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Sho Nuff

Day: 3 Brewery: Against the Grain Style: Belgian Pale Ale ABV: 4.0% Description: With a smooth malt body, hints of biscuit and rye, and noteworthy yeast influence, this sessionable Belgian table bier gives the well-deserved and needed time to sit back and read all the
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Day: 2 Brewery: Stone Style: Mexican Hot Chocolate Stout ABV: 8.1% Description: “Zoo-coveza?” “Joe-coveza?” “Ho-ho-ho-coveza?” “Chestnuts-roasting-over-an-oh-coveza?” Pronounce it however you want, we simply pronounce thi
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